The Enhancing Care Coordination project was a collaboration between primary care managers from across the BSW region.  

This partnership areed to focus their attention and efforts on five primary care indicators across the region, four of which correspond with the Victorian Community Health Practice Indicators.

The G21 HWB Pillar assisted in the development of and implementation of 2 of the 5 recommendations as agreed to by the group.

These include:

1. Consistency in survey methodology regarding consumer participation in their care (e.g. the question asked)

  • To explore the range of surveys used by health care services regarding consumer participation.
  • To analyse this information and find out if there are common questions raised and recorded about people’s care. What is the take up of these surveys and how is this information used?
  • To develop a template or a series of questions that can be used in a number of survey forms and commence the development of a Regional picture of consumer participation.
  • To report back to the wider group regarding recommendations for implementation, test their interest and implement.

2. Regional professional development in consumer participation.

  • To explore and scope what professional development is being undertaken in the region around consumer participation. Who are the leaders, who is doing what and what is the extent of buy-in as part of these activities.
  • To ascertain how /what service providers think about the current processes in place and where there might be room for improvement.
  • To ascertain what professional development needs might be in the health care / community health care sector around consumer participation.
  • To develop a program of professional development opportunities to be implemented over a 12-month period (if required).
  • To test these assumptions around professional development with the wider Regional group for sign off and to seek contributions (if required) from various agencies to implement the program.

For more information contact hwb@G21.com.au