Jane Gilmore – ‘Fixed it’ Free Event

Saturday, 26 October 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday October 26. Jane Gilmore – ‘Fixed it’ FREE event

Come and hear Jane Gilmore speak about Violence and Representation of Women in the Media as part of the Barwon Month of Action.

Violence myths about rape are the preconceptions and subconscious biases we’ve learned through millions of tiny interactions with the world. Every advertisement that depicts women as passive sexual objects, every movie where the female villain is a femme fatale and the love interest is a passive princess, every song, poem, painting, photo, joke, headline, book, comic strip, news article, comedy sketch, or TV show that separates women into "good" women and "bad" women is based on the myth that women who have sexual agency are morally suspect.

Jane Gilmore is a journalist and author of “fixed it: Violence and the Representation of Women in the Media”

WHERE: Grovedale Community Hub, 45 Heyers Rd, Grovedale VIC

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