The G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar provides a forum for organisations with an interest in the region’s health and wellbeing to work together on strategic priorities.

As the region’s Primary Care Partnership (auspiced by G21), the Pillar is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. This provides staff and a budget to strengthen collaboration and integration across sectors to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes, promote health equity and minimise unnecessary hospital presentations and admissions.

The G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar supports healthy places, people and coordinated care through a clear vision, purpose, strategic directions and governance system. 

Our Vision

Communities in the G21 region will enjoy a high quality of life, achieved through inclusion, participation, creativity and vibrant, collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission & Shared Purpose

Working together collectively, we will improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for G21 communities.

Our Principles

We work with our G21 health and wellbeing partners by:

  • building capacity and leadership at all levels
  • adopting whole of population and place-based approaches
  • committing to meaningful community engagement with those most impacted
  • stimulating a culture of action, reflection, experimentation and a focus on outcomes
  • believing in working together with trust, transparency and respect having social justice and equity at our core.

Strategic Priorities

Our strategic directions help focus our efforts and drive the work of the Health and Wellbeing Pillar. These are as follows:

  • Encourage healthier eating and active living
  • Gender Equity - Preventing and addressing violence against women and children
  • Improve social connectedness, mental health and wellbeing
  • Capacity building and leadership
  • Communication and engagement
  • Measuring our progress.


The G21 HWB Pillar is directly connected to the G21 - Geelong Region Alliance governance arrangements.

The HWB Pillar Executive Roundtable, comprising executive or senior management level representatives from G21 Member organisations, meets quarterly to analyse and shape regional health and wellbeing planning and advocacy.

The governance connection between the G21 Board and the HWB Pillar is maintained by:

  • at least one member of the G21 HWB Pillar Roundtable and HWB Pillar Executive being a G21 Board member, to provide a conduit between the G21 Board and the Executive
  • the HWB Pillar Roundtable and HWB Pillar Executive  endorsing the annual business plan of the G21 HWB Pillar, presented by the Director, prior to its presentation to the G21 Board
  • the G21 Board endorsing the annual business plan of the G21 HWB Pillar and any related priority projects
  • the G21 Board’s Audit & Risk Committee noting the governance structure and arrangements of the Executive and receiving periodic financial reports through the G21 CEO.