Healthier Eating & Active Living - Previous Project Updates

Project Update (June 2018)

May was an exciting time in progressing work in the Healthy Eating and Active Living space. Members from the seven working groups and the Backbone Support Group participated in a Program Logic workshop with Dr Helen Jordan from the University of Melbourne. The logic is non lineal, and mapping the activity, outcomes and interconnections over the breadth of activities currently underway from the G21 Regional Action Plan is quite a task!

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Project Update (May 2018)

With a flurry of activity in March, April has seen the Working Groups around the regional priority of Healthy Eating and Active Living continue to grow.

The Backbone Support Group is reviewing its Terms of Reference, and exploring the development of a nonlinear program logic. 

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Project Update (April 2018)

The regional priority around Healthy Eating and Active Living has gained momentum in March.
The working groups with a focus on Healthy Eating themes have been busy progressing actions within the Action Plan, and preparing progress reports which will be completed and submitted to the Backbone Support Group by the end of March.
The remaining three themes in the Active Living space focus on increasing physical activity. Click here to read more

Project Update (March 2018)

The seven themes for the Healthier Eating and Active Living (HE&AL) plan have become the platform for shared discussion across a range of organisations in our region. Click here to read more

Project Update (November 2017) - HEAL Action Plan Finalised

The Backbone Support Group and our partners have finalised an Action plan around the shared health promotion priority of Healthy Eating and Active Living. The plan reflects our partners coming together and working together to prioritise those actions that can make a considerable difference to the lives of many.

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Project Update (August 2017) - Prevention Plan Workshop

On Monday, 21st August, 35 people from 14 agencies came together to discuss and workshop an Action Plan that would have significance for our collective communities across the G21 Region.

This group have been working together for some time to prepare an Action Plan that aims to drive the obesity rates down for our communities. 

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Project Update (July 2017) - Big Ideas Forum: The Next Generation of Action

More than 100 people packed the President’s room at Geelong Cats Stadium on Tuesday 25th July to hear from Australia’s leading experts on obesity prevention and to vote on several big ideas.

Participants came from a range of sectors – Health, Community, Local Government, University, State Government and the private sector and from as far afield as Wangaratta. The Deakin University Academics brought to life their research and learnings and pitched to the audience a range of ideas and initiatives that could work and drive obesity levels down in the G21 Region.

A big thank you to Deakin University who co-funded the forum and to all presenters and workshop facilitators. Of interest, the three big ideas were:

  • Women rise up and be active
  • Every children’s setting to have healthy food and beverages
  • Prioritise people before cars in the G21 Region.

Click below to view presentations from the forum:

PDF icon Healthier Eating Active Living - David Crawford
PDF icon What characterizes leadership in obesity prevention - Colin Bell & Steve Allender
PDF icon Australias report card on physical activity for children and young people - Nicky Ridgers
PDF icon An Equity Lens in Public Health - Kathryn Backholer
PDF icon Shake it up workshop - external resources - Sue Cormack and PDF icon Shake it up workshop summary

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Project Update (June 2017) - Shared Measurement and Collective Impact

On Wednesday 28th May, around 24 people from across the G21 Region came together to hear from Jen Riley of Navigating Outcomes about Collective Impact and Shared Measurement.

Participants heard from Jen on the differences between collaboration and other ways of working, the 5 conditions of collective impact and how to measure Collective Impact.

The morning’s session held at the Geelong Regional Library Corporation builds our collective understanding of collaboration; the principles that help guide our work.

As we move towards a shared plan for action in addressing Obesity Prevention, the backbone support group felt that the session provided an excellent building block towards our Regional goal.

Project Update (May 2017)

On Thursday 18th May, over 30 people from a range of organisations (Health, Community and Local Government)  attended an Activity Mapping workshop with staff from Deakin University – Global Obesity Centre.

As a collective, this group of agencies are working together on the shared health priority of Healthier Eating and Active Living.

If we are to work together in a more coordinated way, then we need to understand what is currently going on across the G21 Region. There is a myriad of activity going on and the Systems Map will help us to unpack the key activities and connections, and help inform our planning process.



These Activity Maps signify to the best of our collective knowledge, the activity currently undertaken across the G21 Region around our shared health promotion priority.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, it does provide our agencies with information about the number and type of activities occurring across the Region.

As we move forward on developing a shared action plan, this activity mapping provides valuable background information for our work.