The regional priority around Healthy Eating and Active Living has gained momentum throughout March. The working groups, with a focus on Healthy Eating themes, have been busy progressing actions within the Action Plan, and preparing progress reports which will be completed and submitted to the Backbone Support Group by the end of March.

The remaining three themes in the Active Living space focus on increasing physical activity. Over the past few months the G21 Physical Activity Strategy (2014-2017) has been reviewed and the major finding is that the HE&AL plan provides positive direction for those organisations working collaboratively to increase physical activity.

As a result, G21 held a workshop on Active Living on Friday 23rd of March, bringing together key agencies to form working parties for these three themes. These working groups have set times and dates to meet, continuing work on actions. With the support of G21 Project Worker Liz Dando, the working groups have developed shared resources. Basecamp is a shared communication platform, which enables all organisations to work together on the priorities of the Working group.

This work is geared towards strengthening our partnerships in the region, using the Collective Impact approach as a structure to acknowledge our achievements and measure progress towards improving health outcomes.

Groups with an interest in participating in working groups are welcome to contact Zoe Barnett at

Photo: The Active Living Workshop held on Friday 23rd March 2018.