Stopping Violence Before It Starts

The recently released Primary Prevention Strategy Free from Violence: Victoria’s Strategy to Prevent Family Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women sets out the path for all Victorians to experience equality and respect in their homes, workplaces and communities.

The Royal Commission recognised the need for a state-wide Primary Prevention Strategy to address the attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence in the home.

Free from Violence takes a world-leading approach to changing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to family violence, and stops the violence from occurring in the first place. An initial investment of $38.7 million has been provided to support its implementation.

The Strategy will be supported by the establishment of a dedicated Prevention Agency to drive focus on prevention over the long-term.

With a further investment of $12 million in the Victorian Budget 2017/18, the Prevention Agency will­ develop, support and coordinate prevention initiatives across the state.

The Strategy was developed in close consultation with victim-survivors, prevention experts and family violence service providers and in conjunction with the Rolling Action Plan to drive family violence reform.

The Strategy can be found at

Source: Media Release: Premier of Victoria:- Victoria’s Strategy To Stop Violence Before It Starts (3 May)