The G21 HWB Plan for Prevention: Healthier Eating and Active Living Update

On Monday, 21st August, 35 people from 14 agencies came together to discuss and workshop an Action Plan that would have significance for our collective communities across the G21 Region.

This group have been working together for some time to prepare an Action Plan that aims to drive the obesity rates down for our communities. Facilitated by Geoff Brown, participants at the workshop came together to:

  • Re-align the activity that is already going on and then connect in new ways
  • To identify shared measures so we can track our progress
  • To consider actions for implementation across the G21 Region.
  • To consider other sectors and professions that make a difference to our work.

Over the course of the morning, groups engaged in healthy discussion that would deliver a joined up Action Plan. This draft Action Plan will be presented to the Backbone Support Group for refinement before a final plan is delivered.

Some of the potential actions raised include:

  • Making water the beverage of choice
  • Providing consistent message to a range of stakeholders
  • Utilization of a Health Equity tool for our actions
  • Supporting all children’s settings with healthy choices
  • Reduction of sugar sweetened beverages available to our community.
  • Increase physical activity rates for young girls and women
  • Create a walkable community
  • Engage with professions and sectors outside the Health sector who can assist in our collective campaign.

Want to know more, please keep viewing the G21 Health & Wellbeing Website

Thank you to our valuable partners who attended.