This Girl Can Gets Victorian Women Active

On 26 March, the highly anticipated This Girl Can – Victoria campaign, a movement to encourage and support women who are physically active was launched.

Research shows that a fear of judgement holds many women back from getting active. But Vichealth want people to know it’s perfectly normal to get sweaty and messy when you’re having fun and getting active. 

The campaign, which hit screens for the first time last night, is a local version of the world-famous viral campaign by Sport England which has inspired an incredible 3.9 million women across England to ditch the couch and get active.

Six out of ten (62%) of Victorian women say they want to be more physically active.

So how can we support them? 

As part of the This Girl Can Victoria campaign, VicHealth has put together a guide for sports clubs and industry bodies to help encourage women and girls to get active.

It explains some of the unique barriers they face, and how best to provide a fun and welcoming environment for them. 

Click here to download the guide

Watch the This Girl Can – Victoria ad 

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