Our Projects

The Health & Wellbeing Pillar has developed a number of projects that contribute to the implementation of the 'G21 Region Health and Wellbeing Plan' (2013-2017) and the 'Early Intervention and Integrated Care Plan (2014-17).

A list a current projects that have been endorsed by the G21 Health and Wellbeing Executive and Round Table can be accessed below:


The Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing project addresses the G21 Health and Wellbeing priority to improve Community Connectedness and Social Inclusion and Increase Cultural Competence across Partner Agencies.

Addressing Disadvantage through affordable social housing demonstrates the strong commitment to address the underlying causes of disadvantage within the G21 region.

The HWB Pillar continue to raise awareness and explore opportunities to celebrate diversity, and promote inclusive practice across the G21 region.

A collaborative project and training opportunity has been developed to strengthened partners and showcase local best practice projects.

The G21 Physical Activity Strategy creates an environment that supports healthy lifestyles in the G21 region by increasing access to, and improving uptake of, physical activity.


The Victorian Health and Wellbeing Plan sets out to provide key priorities and a vision to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

A review of the HWB Plan is currently underway, with an evaluation framework developed to capture and assess the progress of this Plan. 

The joint project between Deakin University, G21 and Barwon Health, funded by National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is now complete.

The project examined and documented experiences of people working in the Barwon region health sector and their experience of the NDIS.

The rate of reported family violence incidents is higher in parts of the G21 region than the state average. Action must be taken.

The G21 HWB Pillar is committed to strengthening collaboration and integration across organisations in order to maximise health & wellbeing outcomes for newly arrived communities of Refugees and Asylum Seeker in our region. 

The G21 HWB Pillar continues to work towards strengthening the primary health system to deliver person centred and accessible intervention and integrated care.

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