Our Vision, Purpose and Princicples

Our Vision

The G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar vision is that communities in the G21 region experience the highest quality of life achievable through inclusion, participation, creativity and vibrant, collaborative partnerships.

Our Purpose

The purpose is to build strategic partnerships that facilitate real improvements in the G21 community’s health and wellbeing and deliver the identified strategies for our communities that align with the G21 strategic plan and funding requirements.

Our Principles

How we work with out G21 Health & Wellbeing Partners:

  • Build capacity and leadership at all levels
  • Adopt whole of population and place-based approaches
  • Commit to meaningful community engagement with those most impacted
  • Stimulate a culture of action, reflection, experimentation and a focus on outcomes
  • Believe in working together with trust, transparency and respect having social justice and equity at our core.