HWB Plan 2013-17 Review and Evaluation

The G21 Region Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-17 was developed in collaboration with local government and partner agencies from health and community organisation across the G21 region, the Plan delivers a way forward for building collaborative action on a set of key priorities. 

The three priority areas outlined in the Plan include:

  • Physical Activity,
  • Community Connectedness / Social Inclusion and
  • Evidence Based Planning.

A review of the HWB Plan is currently underway, with an evaluation framework developed to capture and assess the progress of this Plan. 

Project Update (July 2016)

Each Council has provided a high level status report identifying actions that have been completed as outlined in the HWB Region Plan. To view a summary of this report Click Here

For more information please contact hwb@G21.com.au

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