G21 Physical Activity 2014-17

The G21 Physical Activity Strategy will create an environment that supports physical activity by establishing an evidence base to guide policy and decision making at a regional and municipal level.
The strategy identifies physical activity interventions that are cost effective and most likely to succeed in increasing people’s ongoing participation in physical activity, such as facility development, policies, programs and services.
Specific objectives of the strategy are to:

  •     provide the policy context that describes the role of the G21 region and other key stakeholders in planning, developing, managing and supporting opportunities that foster physical activity
  •     integrate planning for physical activity at a regional and municipal level
  •     foster partnerships that influence physical activity across the region
  •     identify levels of physical activity at a regional and local level
  •     identify key social and economic determinants of physical inactivity at a regional and local level
  •     identify enablers and barriers to physical activity at a local level
  •     provide evidence to develop guidelines and principles to inform policy and decision making that supports physical activity
  •     provide recommendations for resource allocation to support physical activity.

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