Gendered Data & Health Planning: A resource for local governments (2017)

In Australia, one in three women experience violence.

This statistic alone provides an urgent call to action. Women's Health & Wellbeing Barwon South West adopts a primary prevention approach to this problem; one that seeks to prevent violence against women before it occurs.

Such an approach involves action on the key causes of violence, namely rigid gender roles and unequal power between women and men – in short, gender inequality.

Women's Health & Wellbeing Barwon South West have designed an number of resource to assist local government in the planning of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans 2017 – 2021.

Resources have been developed for The City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, Surf Coast Shire and Colac Otway Shire and demonstrates the value of sex-disaggregated data, highlighting some of the most pressing needs for women in these communities.