VicHealth Mental Wellbeing Strategy 2015-2019

The VicHealth Indicators Survey is a local government area survey of approximately 23,000 adult Victorians conducted every four years on a wide range of factors known to influence individual and community wellbeing.

The new VicHealth Mental Wellbeing Strategy 2015–2019 is part of VicHealth’s organisational goal to have one million more Victorians with better health and wellbeing, including 200,000 more people resilient and connected by 2023.

This strategy builds on our extensive experience in promoting mental wellbeing and introduces a new focus to our work: building resilience. 

Resilience is about enhancing everyone’s ability to cope with, adapt to and bounce back from any change or challenge they experience in their lives. Building resilient communities fosters good health, prevents illness and benefits everyone.  

Our new direction in mental wellbeing has been informed by an extensive review of the latest evidence, analysis of trends and consultation with experts. All of these resources are available for you to download. 

This information identified that focusing on young people aged 12-25 years, was an important part of the mental wellbeing picture.  Our priority focus for the next 3 years is therefore building resilience and social connection with a particular focus on young people aged 12-25 years old.