G21 plans for post-COVID challenge

Surviving the COVID-19 reality has been challenging for us all. Transitioning back to a new type of normal will potentially be even more challenging.

We have seen the devastating impact of the pandemic on families, businesses and the most vulnerable in our community.

The region has the necessary foundations to rebuild strongly provided we work together.

At G21 we are already preparing for the part we can play in the recovery, in concert with government, business and other bodies across the region.

The G21 Board has assumed its regional planning and coordination role, identifying the needs and opportunities across the community for what, potentially, will be a long recovery process.

Coordination of regional effort is key, and that’s where G21’s eight community-based Pillar working groups will make a unique contribution.

The 300-plus professionals from across the regional community who volunteer their expertise are identifying within their specialised subject fields the community’s needs, post-COVID-19.

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