Not sure whether to install the government’s COVIDsafe app? Here’s everything we know

Here's the upshot. The COVIDSafe app was rushed for a reason: we're in the midst of a pandemic. If we want to start opening up society again, being able to quickly identify anyone who may have been exposed to a new case of COVID-19 is crucial.

If enough Australians download this app and use it correctly, it's possible that it will really help out in this regard. But in order for the app to be effective, the government says at least 40% of Australians need to be using it, if not more. That's close to 10 million people who need to sign up; as of Monday evening, we have just shy of two million.
Your personal decision about whether to use the app will probably hinge on what privacy means to you—and as Professor Kaafar stressed, this is a personal call. [Professor Dali Kaafar is Executive Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub]. ‘What frustrates me the most in this sort of debate is putting this as a dilemma between “helping people” and “privacy”,’ he said. ‘It's really very bad to be positioning this as if people who care about privacy are selfish, while the others are okay.’ more information