What’s tougher than parenting a teenager? Parenting a teenager during a global pandemic.

Many families are bunkered down right now, trying to adjust to new work, school and family schedules at home.

With everything happening under one roof, both parents and teenagers might experience stronger emotions and tensions.

So while families are staying at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), they might need some extra help to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

“Beyond the current coronavirus measures, we all need the ability to adapt,” says Associate Professor Marie Yap from Monash University, “Resilience in young people will enable them to persist and thrive through the challenges ahead.”


Marie is a Psychologist and Head of the Parenting and Youth Mental Health Group at Monash. She founded a free online program called Partners in Parenting to bring together the latest research, evidence and expert advice on the ways parents can help protect their teenager’s mental health and wellbeing.

To read the full article published by ViccHealth (28 Apirl 2020) click here:  https://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/be-healthy/mental-health-and-wellbeing-...