Spreading the Message Resource Kit - Aboriginal Reconciliation (2014-15)

Spreading the Message is an innovative cultural arts based project designed to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal People.

A demonstration project was undertaken at Northern Bay College in Geelong’s northern suburbs, where students shared their stories through designing and painting timber bollards. The artwork illustrated the diversity of Aboriginal young people, their understanding of culture and their aspirations for connections to family and community.

The success of this unique project has led to the development of a resource kit, which includes a short book, a “How to” guide and video. It is hoped that other community, health and education organisations can duplicate this project, and successfully launch similar activities.

By listening and responding to the experiences and stories of Aboriginal young people we will build better relationships that breakdown stereotypes and discrimination and progress reconciliation.


The Spreading the Message booklet showcases the stories of the young Aboriginal people involved in the project. It illustrates their experiences in daily life, their personal history and their vision of reconciliation.


The Spreading the Message How-to Guide demonstrates how easy it is to replicate a project like this. It outlines the steps required to create a similar project, as well as session plans for facilitators to duplicate.


There are no limits to duplicating the Spreading the Message Project.

It is not just for young people but for all ages and stages of life. It is not just for school environments, but all community spaces.

Artwork could be displayed within services and organisations, on walking tracks and open spaces, in aged care facilities and residential care options for all ages – the possibilities are endless, but the message is the same!

If you are interested in finding out more please call Corrina O’Toole, MOK-borreeyn bagoork Consulting on 0438 034716

To donate to fund other similar projects go to http://reconciliationcollaborative.com.au